helps businesses
establish successful credit and collections programs
by providing all the necessary resources centralized
in a readily accessible and easy to use website.

The company directors coming from the private,
government and academic sectors, have more than
125 years of combined experience in:
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Providing the highest quality
information possible to help
credit and collection
professionals stay on top.
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Our online training and ready to use documents will
provide you with the professional advice and expertise
that will help save you time — and money.

This easy to use website will help you to develop the best
credit and collection strategy for your company, no
matter how large or small.

Our online database is available worldwide 24/7.  There
is no reason to clutter your office with additional files or
to load your hard drive with file names that you may not
recognize later.  Our goal - to be easy to use and

Easy access with the touch of a button.  Our forms are
ready to use in both Microsoft Word and .pdf  file format.

No guesswork.  Just instantly download and use, or cut
and paste using your browser's cursor.
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Just about everyone involved in the credit and
accounts receivable process.  If you extend
credit to other businesses, or are considering
the extension of open billing terms to another
business, then you need the information on
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Collection Agencies
Credit Managers

Credit Analysts

Collection Managers

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