Q:  Do you plan to update this site?

A:  Yes!  We feel that about 75% of managing accounts
receivables never changes.  It's just old fashioned
common sense that includes collecting information from
potential customers, analysing that information and
implementing a strategy to get paid on time.  However,
technology is always making it possible to improve the way
we do business, and we want to share that information
with our users.  Also, laws are constantly changing and we
wish to bring our subscribers up to date on the newest
laws and how they impact their business.
Q:  Why should I subscribe to this site?  What is the

A:  Subscriptions are only $80 per year (per location).  
Subscribers have use of the entire website, which includes
our advanced strategies section which outlines some of
the potential pitfalls in managing credit and collections
and how to protect your rights as a creditor in bankruptcy
proceedings.  Furthermore, our ready to use Credit Policy
Manual is worth the cost of a subscription in itself.  We
also have over 300 ready to use
forms in Microsoft Word
and PDF file format that provide an enormous value to our
Q:  The content of your site seems to be left justified
with a great deal of open space to the right.  Why is

A:  Our goal in developing this site was to be fast and easy
and provide a simple format for people using a variety of
web browsers and monitor sizes.  We have found that our
website is viewable with every monitor size, including the
laptops that some credit and collection professionals may
be using when they travel.  Also, our web format can be
printed by simply using the PRINT button on your web
browser; it should print easily on your designated printer
with no overlap or missing words.
Q:  Do I have to do anything special with my browser
preferences in order to access the membership
areas of your website?

A:  If you are using a pop-up blocker, you will need to turn
it off.  What you won't find on our website are annoying
pop-up windows and crazy looking, graphic intensive,
advertising.  Our site is dedicated to serving financial
professionals, and we are not going to waste your time by
trying to sell you something extra every time you visit this
website seeking information.
Q:  Is this site run by attorneys?  Can I use this
information in a court of law?

A:  No.  We are not attorneys and the purpose of this
website is not to give legal advice.  Laws vary by state
and laws are constantly changing.  What we have found is
that our information is generally very helpful for most
businesses in developing a credit and collection strategy.  
For professional legal advice, we suggest that you find a
competent lawyer in your area that specializes in
commercial collections law.
Q:  You say that subscriptions are $80 per year per
location.  What do you mean by location?  Can I
access this site when I am home?

A:  Subscribers may access this website anywhere in the
world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The term "location"
means that larger companies, with multiple offices at
different addresses, must pay $80 per address.  Also,
subsidiaries of holding companies must also pay their
appropriate fees.

We have put a great deal of effort into developing the
content of this website and we want to make it as
affordable as possible to all size businesses.  We simply
can not afford to develop the content and update our
databases regularly, if the larger users don't pay their fair
share.  At $80 a year, this is possibly the best bargain for
commercial buisnesses on the internet.
Q:  Can this website help me to develop a means of
getting paid by consumers that I sell to?

A:  No.  This website only deals with "business to
business" commercial credit and collections.  Consumer
collections law varies widely by state.  We are unable to
provide any guidance in the area of consumer credit and
collections because of the very complicated state laws.
Q:  How can I ask a question or make a comment?

A:  We are always trying to improve our services.  Please
leave us your
feedback here.
Frequently Asked Questions