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Detailed information on letters of credit.
Advanced bankruptcy strategies.
Complete credit department polices and procedures manual.
Credit applications
Collection letter database - letters that get results.
Forms database - agreements, suits, notes, guarantys
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I decided that my [credit] department needed a policy
handbook.  So, I started to write one.  I thought it would take
me 2 months to get one done by working a couple hours
each day.  After 6 months, I was not even close to finishing it.
Then I found  Within 2 days I
had a complete manual.  Thank you!

  San Francisco, CA
I was recently hired as CFO for a struggling wholesale
distribution company.  Competition is fierce in our industry,
so our profit margins are slim.  One of my first jobs was to
find a way to stop the proverbial bleeding that our company
was experiencing in our accounts receivable area.  Our bad
debt write-offs were making us see red.  Then I discovered
your website.  Without a doubt it was the best thing that has
happened to me in my first year on the job.  Our bad debt
exposure has been greatly reduced.

  Chicago, IL
At a time when most of my friends were retiring, I did
something very different - I started my own business.  I
have put together a great group of dedicated people and I
can honestly say that I am having the best time of my life
doing what I love.  Our energy and enthusiasm has made
it easy to sell ourselves.  But, I can tell you that none of us
were experts at collecting money, and this was one thing
that we overlooked.  Our services were selling but the
money was not coming in like it should.  I found and started using your
forms.  Now we can stay focused on selling and not have
to worry about collecting our unpaid bills.  You have a
great site!

  Alexandria, VA
I had been a credit manager for 8 years and recently
changed employers.  I was hired because the
management of the company was frustrated at the sloppy
procedures and the number of delinquent accounts that
they created.  I was looking for ideas to improve the
workflow when I found  I was
so impressed that I spent my own money for a
subscription to the service.  My second week on the job, I
handed my boss a credit policies manual.  My third week, I
sent a new credit application off to be printed.  Within 3
months, the amount of money in our 90+ day overdue
column went down by 25%.  I haven't even been at this
job for a year and my boss is already talking about a pay
raise for me.  Thank you for making me look good!

  Naples, FL
I am a vice president at a small bank.  People often come
to me for advice on a host of money matters.  It's amazing
how many businesses, big and small, are able get orders
for products, but not able to collect the money that is due
them.  Our bank has a subscription to your website,, and I recommend it to
everyone that asks me how they can improve their
business cashflow.

  Atlanta, GA
I have been in the credit and collections business for
over 30 years now.  I have never seen a more complete
and accurate website than what you have.  I use it every
day.  Keep up the good work.

  Rochester, NY
Our law firm uses your letters and forms on a regular
basis.  We find that it is faster and easier to use your
database than to go to the time and expense of filing suit
on behalf of our clients.  We probably settle 8 out of 10
cases without ever having to go to court.  Our clients
love the results and we love your site!

  New York, NY
Like every business, we had our share of accounts that
would not pay their bills - ever.  I got tired of paying my
accountants and attorneys money for advice that was not
working.  I was home one night surfing the internet and
found your site.  I invested $80 for a subscription and as
a result I brought in an extra $200,000 that my "experts"
said was uncollectable.  I can't say enough good things
about this website.

  New York, NY
I use your forms page everyday.  Your website is fast
and convenient.  Since I started using this site, it's cut
my workload by at least 50%.  Finding your website is
the best thing that has happened to me in 17 years of
being employed in the credit and collections profession.
Keep up the good work!

   Baltimore, MD
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